Crude Vegetable Oils - Food & Beverage(食品饮料)

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Purchase Product (采购产品):
食品饮料 Vegetable Crude Oils Beverage Food

Purchase Product (采购产品):
Crude Vegetable Oils

Industry Category (行业分类):
Food & Beverage(食品饮料)

Detail Content (询盘内容):
Dear All, We are seeking the following. Commodity: Crude Vegetable Oils (Palm, Soybean, Corn). Total quantity: min. 66,000 MT (3x500 MT + 3x1,500 MT + 3x2,500 MT + 3x3,500 MT + 12xmin.3,500 MT) for 24 months Quality: FFA (Free Fatty Acids) below 6% and MIU (Moisture & Impurities) below 2% Destination: CIF Tampa, Florida, USA Price: US$ 300.00 per MT CIF Tampa, Florida, USA Payment: 100% Irrevocable, Transferable, Confirmed, Auto-Revolving Documentary Letter of Credit If you can fulfill all above terms&conditions please send your offer to our company email address directly: at Best regards

Contact Method (联系方式):
Co:OM MPH Inc.
Add:Rue Plaza 66, Mahe, Rio, Hungary 98247
Contact Person:Ms. Agnes Kovacs

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